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Executive Leadership

Fast Casual Concepts' founders are Tim Seivers, George Athanasiadis, and Jerrod Seivers. Tim Seivers, a successful entrepreneur and owner of Seivers Concessions, is a veteran in the food service business with 40 years of experience. George Athanasiadis, also a successful entrepreneur with master’s degrees in business and information technology, is experienced with working with start-up companies and ensuring a company’s profitability. Jerrod Seivers is responsible for the creation of superior food and beverage products for the restaurants. His experience, personality, and creative skills are essential in the development of successful menus. He is inspired to step out of his comfort zone to heighten the food experience. His passion is seen in his willingness to seek out new techniques and recipes to stay on top of ever-changing trends.

Board of Directors

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Investor Relations

Fast Casual Concepts Inc. is a publicly traded company under the stock symbol FCCI.
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